Baby boomers are the largest generation, EVER.


Read the facts below about the baby boomer generation and our impact on the United States. We need to ensure our government enacts legislation that helps us and preserves our way of life, most importantly, Social Security and Medicare. Please consider becoming  a member today, and help us advocate for the future of baby boomers!

1.11.11  – Date the first baby boomer turned age 65.

1.75  – American workers paying into Social Security per retiree today. In 1950, 16 workers per retiree paid into the program. (US Bureau Labor Statistics)

13%  – Americans are 65 or older. By 2030, this number will soar to 18%. (US Bureau Labor Statistics)

15%  – American workers with a pension plan. In 1980, 39% had a pension plan. (Employee Benefit Research Institute in Washington DC)

23%  – American workers plan to retire by age 65. (American Association of Retired Persons)

40%  – Baby boomers plan to “work till they drop.” (American Association of Retired Persons)

74%  – Baby boomers are working even though they are “retired.” (American Association of Retired Persons)

56 million  – People receive Social Security benefits today. (US Bureau Labor Statistics)

91 million  – People are projected to receive Social Security by 2035. (US Bureau Labor Statistics)

7000 per day  – Rate baby boomers are turning age 60 between now and 2029. (IRI, Baby Boomer Expectations for Retirement)

10,000 per day – Rate baby boomers will be retiring for the next 20 years. (US Census 2010)

77,329,698  – Baby boomers in America today. This is 25% of the total population. (US Census 2010)


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