Every day, baby boomers across America are proving that their golden years are an opportunity to tap into their passion in the pursuit of worthwhile endeavors.  And that is exactly what Kirk Sinclair and his wife, Cindy, did by hiking 5,000 miles across the country on the American Discovery Trail.  It took them one year to complete their goal.  Kirk and Cindy are baby boomers in their fifties.

The American Discovery Trail is designed to allow hikers to do exactly as stated; help travelers discover America by being able to hike, bike or ride horses for an afternoon or cross-country adventure.  The ADT links communities, cities, parks and wilderness areas.  Stretching across more than 6,800 miles and 15 states, it is the only coast-to-coast, non-motorized recreational trail in America.

Many people who are planning to hike the American Discovery Trail (ADT) adopt a cause.  The Sinclair’s cause was simple:  kindness.   Throughout the year they traversed on the ADT, Mike and Cindy witnessed many acts of kindness, encountering kindnesses nearly every day of their hike.  In their Kindness Blog, posted on their website, they talk about how they continually came across kindhearted individuals and communities who “do for their own during these trying times.”

They are now working on their next book “Kindness Across America”, which draws from the wealth of kindnesses they came across during their year-long adventure.

“Baby boomers form a new demographic for those experiencing financial difficulties,” writes Sinclair. “Many baby boomers have lost their jobs to a younger work force and can no longer find comparable employment.”

The Sinclair’s advice to those facing economic or other hardships?  “Tap into your passion.  Maybe you won’t regain the same level of economic success, but you just might stumble on the key to happiness…or kindness.”

Learn more about the American Discovery Trail.

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